Welcome to the Via Clinic

Happiness?  So difficult to define, so easy to say, sometimes so difficult to do.  At different points in our lives we all experience the unexpected, sometimes for the better and unfortunately sometimes for the worse. At these times, getting that bit of extra help can make all the difference.  Why struggle alone when a wealth of experience is available?

As Psychiatrists  in Surrey, the Via Clinic, specialises in a wide range of psychiatric conditions including stress, depression, anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorders, postnatal depression and alcohol related conditions. We offer an array of services; one to one sessions with a therapist or consultation with a psychiatrist, group therapy, specialist day programmes, ongoing courses or referral for over-night admission. For those unable to attend our psychiatric Surrey clinic for counselling we can offer remote assistance on the telephone or by video call.

As Psychiatrists covering Surrey, consultations and therapy can be offered at any one of three locations; The Via Clinic in Headley, just outside Epsom, the Priory hospital at Woking or Life Works community in Old Woking, or the Roehampton Priory near Richmond in Surrey. Each of these offers our clients a tranquil setting, providing a retreat from everyday life, enabling patients a chance to focus on overcoming the challenges that face them. The Via Clinic, being qualified psychiatrists in Surrey, understands the pressures of life and work, therefore we offer flexible appointment times, including weekends, usually within five days of initial contact. Crisis appointments are also available.

Our team of specialists and those we refer to, including doctors, other Surrey psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dieticians and therapists are qualified, accredited, fully insured, and recognised by most major private medical insurance companies.  They are well established and respected in their own fields and adhere to the code of ethics for their disciplines. We aim to offer the highest standards of care, providing a personal service to our clients.

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