Appointments & Fees

The Via Clinic accepts both patients that have private insurance and those that choose to pay themselves (self funders).

Booking an appointment with the Via Clinic is very simple. If you are an existing patient just call us on 01372 363939 and we will book a time for you to see the appropriate professional.

Alternatively, if you are a new patient you will need to determine whether you will be;

  1. Using private insurance
  2. Self funding

Private Insurance

Some people have taken out private medical insurance, others are covered by their firm’s policy. Please note that there may be limitations on your insurance. Some will allow you to see a psychiatrist or psychologist for a certain number of visits and have a certain number of nights as overnight stay. Insurance firms sometimes have an excess payment that must be paid by the person insured. Other insurance companies do not cover psychiatric care at all, and one the other hand some have few or no limitations.

For an insurance company to make payments, they usually require the following procedure to be followed:

  1. Insurance companies will normally only pay for psychological work if the patient has been referred by a GP to a psychiatrist (usually) or a psychologist. So your GP is the first place to go to.
  2. Your GP should refer you in writing to speak with a psychiatrist at the Via Clinic such as Dr Feeney. A referral letter is simply a request by the GP to the psychiatrist to review the patient (i.e. an Initial Consultation).
  3. Book your appointment with the Via Clinic on 01372 363939.
  4. You will then need to get your pre-authorisation number from your insurance company. To do this you will need your insurance membership number and personal details and those of your GP.
  5. You will be sent information from the Via Clinic about where to find us and a form to be completed.

That is all. Turn up on the day.

Self Funding

Self funding is a more flexible way of paying and suits some people. This method means that you do not have to follow the procedure above, and can just book with the Via Clinic and turn up on the day.  You do not have to feed back information to your GP, or anyone else, if you choose not to have them informed. Some people choose to be self funding for treatment, even though they have private medical insurance. However, of course, you have to pay for the bill yourself instead of the insurance company.

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