Family Therapy

Families can be a great source of support, care and love but, at times, all families go through difficult periods. Relationships sometimes become strained, due to a combination of factors and pressures, potentially leaving members feeling isolated or not listened to or valued. Within families, people don’t always agree with each other as they all hold different values and beliefs, created by differences in age and experience. Life is full of surprises and the more people there are living together, the more chance there is that conflict will arise. Certain life events, such as illness or divorce can have huge effects on family members and the dynamics within that family.

Family therapy, moderated by a professional with the family together or with individual members, can help. Families can solve their problems with constructive solutions, working together to improve their day to day lives. In a therapy situation, people can have the opportunity to talk and feel heard and valued about issues they may have that may get overlooked in the normal family situation. This is a good foundation for repairing any differences and improving relationships for the future.

Some issues tackled in family therapy may include:

  • Changes to family life
  • Difficulty in relationships within the family, including between siblings and across generations
  • Difficulty in the relationship between the parents
  • Partner and lifestyle choices
  • Living and dealing with illness and other conditions
  • Childhood and adolescent mental health issues, e.g. ADHD, Autism, OCD
  • Alcohol and substance issues
  • Coping with separation and divorce
  • Bereavement and grief within the family
  • Violence and abuse within a family
  • Coping after traumatic incidents and financial woes
  • Coping with fostering and adoption issues
  • Coping with a new baby

Often, bringing families together in a supportive and objective environment can be the key to solving the issues that life may present to them.  It can be the chance to air issues that, in a normal family situation, would be difficult to approach.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may require help and advice please call the Via Clinic on 01372 363939

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